Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

The 105 feet statue of Maitreya Buddha near Diskit Monastery, located in Nubra Valley in Ladakh, India.



Diskit Monastery : 14th Century monastery believed to be the oldest in Nubra valley. Diskit is situated at an altitude of 10,310 ft above sea level, at the edge of desert on Shyok valley.


Daily Prompt: Travel

Daily Prompt: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, or car? (Or something else entirely — bike? Hot air balloon?)

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVEL.

Making a list, charging the camera, packing the bags and setting the alarm for an early wake up. I am always charged up at the thought of travel.

Whenever I see a long distance bus loaded with passengers and their mineral water bottles and luggage I wish I am one of them, about to go for a trip.

I have done a lot of traveling in a bus. Staying up through the night, listening to music and watching outside the window. The road, the stars and the moon traveling with me. It is one of those rare times when I am awake for the sunrise, to see the sky change colours. Stretching my legs during fuel refills, having some tea and chips during the halts. Some people can sleep continuously on the bus, I think they miss all the fun.

ImageTaken on the way to Howrah Station.

As a kid I used to travel often by train with my mom. Long rides of 16 hours from Mumbai to Delhi on Rajdhani Express. It was the fastest train available on that route that time ( i think it is even now). I remember being at the Bombay Central Station (now called Mumbai central) eying the book stalls for comics. I read many namely Chaha Chaudhari, Tinkle – my favorite, Champak etc. For music I had my faithful Sony Walkman Cassette player and some extra rechargeable batteries. I could not sleep in the night during travel then as well. There wasn’t much to see outside, the windows were shaded and it used to be pitch dark save for some twinkling lights every few minutes.

Every time I travel by train I am transported back into time and I remember these journeys.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

All the photographs were taken back in 2010 on a trip to Ladakh with my husband and friends.

Next Filling Station – 365 Km ahead!

Yes you read it correctly, the next filling station was after 365 km and imagine that in a mountainous terrain! This is on the way to Ladakh from Manali. I would never forget this signboard, I thought of many scary scenarios where we would need more fuel 🙂

Here’s a funny sign


In the middle of a deserted road when its is 40 degrees Celsius hot, this sign surely brings a smile on someone face!

This one stumped me


I just did not get this sign, anyone care to enlighten me?

Highest Motorable Road


This sign is on the road on Khardungla Pass, its the highest motor-able road in the world at whooping 18380 ft height!

P.S. I could not crop the photograph any further, that’s my friend’s arm  🙂