Tiny Fingers And Tiny Toes

Its a girl! A new beginning.

My sweet little baby was born on February 1st 2013. The first thing I noticed ( other than the fact that it was a girl, yay!) was that she had a full head of hair.

I dreaded the part where after the baby is born the mother is so tired that she cannot display any emotion and has a blank face. I on the other hand, started crying which is very unlike me. I am not a very mushy or over emotional person and my behavior surprised me because it was all of a sudden. Shall we blame it on the hormones? Nah! this one I want to remember as a pure moment where I was capable of expressing freely without thinking.

Days have whirled past so fast they are like a blur to me. Sleepless nights, constant crying, round the clock diaper changes, worrying over not being able to burp, testing times. It all sorted out after a month.

Life is different now, it is more scheduled. Pretty much everything has a time. Late night outings, eating out, watching movies in theaters have all changed into friends family gatherings at home, ordering for food at home and watching our favorite sitcoms and movies in our room.

I had done a lot of reading beforehand but babies are unique you cannot learn everything from a book or website, you can just be prepared.

Nowadays there are hoards of baby products available in the market, even online. It can be very confusing which product to buy especially when its your first baby.

I have complied a list of things that helped me make my life easier. Here it goes:

  • Feeding Pillow : I cannot tell you how relieved I was to have this! It was a gift from friends and what a useful gift. Its a lifesaver. I had tried using pillows, different sizes, etc. but it would not work. When the baby used to start screaming I could not think straight. The feeding pillow to the rescue. Just needed to make sure I rested my back on the wall or headboard of the bed and done, no back pain from bending or no painful arms from holding the baby!
  • Baby Wipes : I know that you can use a soft wet cloth to clean the baby but its about convenience. Pull the wipe out of the pack, clean the stuff and throw it in the garbage, get another one if its not sufficient. As opposed to – wet the cloth, clean the stuff, clean the cloth and repeat. I had no extra strength to run to the washbasin every time.
  • Bed with a mosquito/insect net attached : Easy to carry wherever you go and wards off any insects. No hassles about mosquito repellents for the baby. Better than using the mosquito umbrella net. It can be used in the cradle as well or can be used to keep the baby on the floor. One shortfall, when the baby gets bigger (around six months) its of no use.
  • These cotton tie-up tops:Around a month after my baby was born, it was March. I live in Mumbai and it is very hot and humid during March, April and May. These tops are made of super soft cotton and the shoulder tie up ones are the best. I did not like the hosiery ones with button downs. My daughter kept pulling at the buttons, they were also warmer than these tops. Additionally theses ones dry super fast so i just had five of them. I used two tops in a day mostly and maybe three on a bad day when something was spilled on it.Image
  • The Beanie Cap ( instead of the tie-up ones) : It works much better the tie ups because the baby can move its head around without the fear of the baby choking on the strings.

One of the things I did not use at all is the Nasal aspirator and it is still in its original packing. The Pediatrician advised against it. It seem the aspirator hurts! I have read on a lot of non-Indian sites that say it helps and can be very useful. Very confusing.

I  am sure my list will grow with time and I will find some duds as well.

Many of my baby’s first moments are recorded on camera. I go through them sometimes wondering how big she got and so fast. Four months already!

I am now waiting for her to start talking 🙂