Re-springing Your Step : Kickstart!

Part of Blogging 101 : Make A Prompt Personal

A typical day goes very sluggishly these days. I get up late, make tea. Watch the scene outside the window. Look at strays – dogs, cats, at cars, the sky, trees and birds. With breakfast done, I read a book, check my blog, check others blogs. I am in auto-pilot mode. Not thinking much. So I decide to do something about it, I get out of the house with my daughter to do a few errands, go to the grocers, go to the bank etc.

She is angelic today, hasn’t troubled me at all. It’s a bit of a walk to the bank, and my daughter insists that she will walk on her own.  She is almost two and is rapidly getting an independent streak. Not that I mind her walking but there is quite some traffic on the road and it can get difficult for pedestrians especially for the small ones. My work finishes smoothly and we are on our way home when my daughter slips, I ask her if she is hurt and we continue walking. Another two or three steps and she slips again. This time I am not sure what is wrong. So I ask her if she is tired whether I should carry her. She says yes. The moment she is up, she lays her head on my shoulders and is asleep in no time. All that walking got her tired. I did not foresee this situation.

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