Daily Prompt: Life Without Computers!

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WITHOUT.


Without a computer, I would need to find a new profession!

I would venture outside more and get some fresh air, meet people and get more photographs.

Photographs which are developed in the dark room and not digitally. Overexposed photos and other goof ups. Oh, dear! I am bad with the digital camera, a manual one would be a disaster.

It will be like the old days, watching movies in the theater or getting video cassettes and watching them on television, listening to music on a Walkman. No reviews to tell us which is the good stuff.

I would miss Google the most. All that information that is easily available to us through these search engines is amazing. Imagine looking for that in magazines, newspapers and books. Saving cut outs of articles we may need. Oh no, not again.

The convenience of booking travel tickets, shopping, even paying bills online, gone ­čśŽ

Yet, it would bring us close to people around us, help value relationships. Save us from wasting time on social networking sites.

It would be a nice change for a while but I think I would want my computer eventually.

Sorry, I cannot part with it.