Brain Freeze!

I have brain freeze today, it’s like an elephant has sucked all the ideas and other thoughts and has become so fat that he can’t walk.

It’s like one thought has occupied the brain city and you are trying to get clarity but looking like a martyr. Like the scene in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes,  all the apes are running around lose on the bridge in my head and I am in that helicopter which was trashed by a gorilla, whose name I forget. Focus focus!

helicopter-apes Rise-of-Planet-of-the-Apes-600x335

Should I watch some mad mad videos?

Put my head in a bucket with ice cold water?

Hug a tree and shout out really loud – Hero Hiralal style?


Then and Now : Difference between My 20’s and 30’s

Today I was reflecting on my past years, I am in my 30’s now and quite different than what I was in my 20’s.

Take for instance the New Year’s party.

Few days before the party

Then: All excited, shopping for the party theme outfit and doing trials of the makeup
Now:  Get dressed in some comfortably clothes exuding clam all the time. “Why didn’t I wear a dress? In this freezing cold?” I am wearing layers of clothes with a bright scarf and a tummy tucker. Don’t make me jealous by saying you don’t need the tummy tucker.

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And My Tagline is


Too many songs in my head, it doesn’t help that I have music in the background.

Some of them were :

  • Starlight can you give me the Fame, Please hurl me the Game – What! you haven’t heard of this one? Here have a listen. The video is great too – Potatoes singing!
  • Put on your dancing shoes
  • I get knocked down but I get up again
  • Lets start the music

**Then realizes all of them are songs thinks some more and comes up with these**

  • Piggy on the railway
  • This little piggy went to market

Nursery rhymes, results of having a two year old around!

So I tweaked it a little to,”This little piggy sat down and wrote…”

Now I can live with that (for sometime 😉 )

Why every kid should collect stamps

That’s a fantastic collection!


I admit it: I feel a bit nerdy confessing I collect stamps.

I’m not sure how it all started, but I think it’s my father’s fault. He used to travel a lot for work, so he had friends all over the planet. And occasionally these friends would send us a letter, like this one:

First letter BLOG

Within a few years I’d amassed maybe a dozen such first-day covers, and I’d saved several hundred stamps from my father’s correspondence. (I especially looked forward to Christmas each year.)

Stamp collection 1050708 BLOG

Before long I was saving my allowance for the local stamp-swaps and mail-order offers. I’m sure I got swindled a few times (I was only eight or nine). But still, it was fun.

Then my collection sat idle for a few years, largely forgotten while I attended college and married and started a career. It wasn’t until last year, in the aftermath of The Great Flood

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Introduction – Hello World!

Hello, I am Pranjali. I love music, books, makeup, travel, baking and much more. I am very blunt in real life I hope to bring out the real me when I blog, honesty always gives you an edge. So far I have been unsuccessful, with all those drafts I always find a way to edit out the harshness. Life on the other hand does not give you that liberty. To improve my blogging skills, I have enrolled in the Blogging 101 course which WordPress has introduced. I am in dire need of some tutoring.

The very first assignment is to write about the reasons for blogging, an introduction.

Here are the top reasons I want to blog.

I have loads of free time, with very few people to talk to (most of them are busy). I feel the need to express myself, write about things I love and use my free time to make something worthwhile.

Have you read a book called “Sense And Nonsense”? I did as a child and was absolutely inspired by the concept. I co- wrote a comic book for my school friend and it was quite funny (other kids thought it was funny too) and then went on to write another short story which was well received by my friends.  I do not have a literature degree and I am often grappled by sentence structure and some very basic grammar problems. I hope to improve my ability to write with the aid of the internet and some feedback.

I love reading and would like others to know about good books I have read. I have some book reviews on my blog and I want to include reviews of all the books I read. I have read several books but the numbers of reviews are few. Besides I have only written about books I liked, I want to write about the ones I did not like as well.

I love doing makeup and reading makeup blogs. I want to be a part of the makeup blogging world but I am completely clueless about tutorials, photographs which play a very important role. I have tried doing photographs but they turned out pretty bad. I would like to showcase my skills with makeup and my product knowledge. I know there are countless blogs about makeup but I would still like to create my own space.

My goal will be to start writing reviews of my favourite product, doing tutorials and little bit of creative writing as well.

I have seen my photographs get the most views and I love to travel so I would like to make a photo blog.

I like the idea of baking too, there is so much to create. Perhaps I can blog about my baking adventures!

3 A.M.

It’s 3 am and I am wide awake just lying in bed with my eyes closed and hoping for some sweet sleep and then I hear it.

Tiny wail from the street across my window. It gets louder and then there are two distinct voices, both wailing .Babies on the street at this hour? Noooooo! those are our friendly neighbourhood cats, mother and kitten both meowing incessantly. Not sounding so friendly right now, just plain creepy!

Too scared to go to the loo. Pull up the covers and hope no ghosts find me!

Sure thing in the morning, my little daughter is going to play with them.

Psst! don’t tell her about this.