Then and Now : Difference between My 20’s and 30’s

Today I was reflecting on my past years, I am in my 30’s now and quite different than what I was in my 20’s.

Take for instance the New Year’s party.

Few days before the party

Then: All excited, shopping for the party theme outfit and doing trials of the makeup
Now:  Get dressed in some comfortably clothes exuding clam all the time. “Why didn’t I wear a dress? In this freezing cold?” I am wearing layers of clothes with a bright scarf and a tummy tucker. Don’t make me jealous by saying you don’t need the tummy tucker.

Then: Reach the menu at 6: 30 don’t want to miss anything!
Now: “It isn’t New Year till midnight. Let’s watch a movie”, sit back and relax.

At the party

Then: When you are already sloshed, “I am feeling happy a little more alcohol and I will get high.”
Now: “I can go on with this glass of wine forever. I want more food.”
Then: “Food? Who wants food? There’s some chips and cake! I need more drinks.”

Then: Vodka + Red Bull gave me wings.
Now:  Drinks, makes a face, “which wine is this?” Drains the glass down the sink, runs to the supermarket to get the right brand of dessert wine. Also Vodka + Red Bull tastes like medicine.

Then: Screaming, dancing and showing all my best steps.
Now:  I will do what I want, go crazy with 90’s dance steps or sit in one place the entire night.

Then: Posing and making “we rock” signs when somebody clicks a picture.
Now: “Pictures! I am going off to talk to my friend in that corner.”

Then: 5am: “Let’s play some games, drink more and watch the sunrise.”
Now:  3am: zzzzzzzzz

Then: Looking at a picture later, “when did this happen?”
Now:  The pictures are here, I am not in any of them.

I will probably be like this in some years!

8 thoughts on “Then and Now : Difference between My 20’s and 30’s

  1. Shefali says:

    Wahahaha..I remember the last we spoke anout getting ols when we were only 17 (*_*)
    I think l’m totally turning into that person

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