Yummy Karnataka Breakfast at Kamath LokaRuchi

Kamath - Loca Ruchi

Kamath LokaRuchi :

This restaurant is located on the Mysore – Banglore highway. It serves excellent vegetarian breakfast. Even better than Maa ke haath ka khana ( means mom’s cooking in Hindi)!This place is so popular that on weekends people travel from Banglore city just to have breakfast.

We saw this very interesting old style kitchen with onions, coconuts and bananas hanging from the ceiling. There is a cow shed in the back and it immediately reminded me of my village.

The menu is not extensive but they put up specials for the day. Food is served on banana leaves, it gives a very authentic feeling.

I have tasted the Neer Dosa, Rava masala dosa and  Moode Idly. Alas Akki roti was over 😦

Neer Dosa : Extremly soft dosa. Came with three chutneys – sweet coconut chutney, A thin watery sambar (very tasty, bit like potato and peas curry) and a red coconut chutney. In case you are familiar with Malvani fish curry of Maharashtra, this red chutney (minus the fish ;)) will give you a similar taste.

That day me and friends were craving for a special sweet coconut delicacy wrapped in rice flour and boiled called “Modak”. It is sort of a dumpling but sweet. The sweet chutney served with neer dosa gave exactly the same taste and we were overjoyed!

Rava Dosa : Nothing different here but it was very fresh and delicious.

Moode Idly : Idly wrapped in banana leaf and boiled. The idly was soft and gave a faint smell of the banana leaf.

Coffee: I think it was filter coffee.

Outside the restaurant there are handicraft and wooden toy shops where all the women in our group shopped extensively. I will post about this in detail later.

Overall :

Ambience: 4 stars 

Food : 5 stars

Cleanliness : 3 stars

Service : 4 stars

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