Book Review – The Forgotten Garden, Kate Morton


I seem to be picking books with the same theme, rich family and their dark secrets. This one too has the same ingredients. However I think I liked the previous book I read more – The Thirteenth Tale.

This book is about a old lady, Nell who is found, abandoned as a child. She tries to find who she really is. The story continues with her granddaughter, Cassandra who finally unravels her past.

The Forgotten Garden starts at a snail’s pace so mush so that I was about to abandon reading it. The story does not start till 120 pages or more.

I still went on with the book because its a mystery and well, I wanted to know what’s in it.

If you do not like fairy tales beware there is a lot of content around it in the book (especially in the initial pages) and some stories as well. I did like one of the stories though, about a caged bird.

Once the story really starts, it is gripping. It spans five generations of a family and three women tell their story in parts.

The story takes places in a picturesque location and I liked that. It’s in England, a big beautiful garden, a cottage on a cliff and beach below it with a cove.

The mystery is predictable. I had guessed it beforehand and think many can.

Nell’s Character is quite unbelievable and her behavior is illogical, apart form her, rest of the characters are well thought of.

A lot of long descriptions which are not related or interesting enough, slow down the story.

To sum up, it’s a good read if you can get past the first 120 or so pages.

One thought on “Book Review – The Forgotten Garden, Kate Morton

  1. Teepee12 says:

    To avoid the slow starters, I’ve been reading a lot of short stories. I’ve totally lost patience with long, slow beginnings to books. A sign of age? or just too many books to read?

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