Tips To Reduce Lip Pigmentation

I love wearing lipsticks and experimenting with a range of shades especially pink. When I was new to makeup I would often buy lipsticks and would be disappointed when it wouldn’t turn out the same way as the swatches or in the pan. That is when I realized that the problem is with my lips and not the product. I have pigmented lips and that means most light shades look terrible on me. After some searching on the internet, I found quite a few tips that would help me.

Here I have complied a list of tips to reduce lip pigmentation, how to cover up pigmentation by makeup.

Tips to reduce lip pigmentation:

  • Sun Protection: Not just your skin but lips needs sun protection too. Use a lip balm with SPF to reduce pigmentation due to sun damage.
  • Moisturize: Moisturize the lips always. I cannot stress this point enough. Licking your lips will make them dry, don’t do that.
  • Remove Makeup: Remove lip makeup at the end of the day.
  • Exfoliate: I know this is sounding like basics of skin care but these are applicable to lips as well. Remember do not exfoliate too much, lips skin is sensitive. If lips are cracked avoid exfoliation.
  • Expired Products: Check the expiration date on your lip products. Expired goods can cause a lot of damage.
  • Tea/ Coffee Consumption: Avoid excessive tea and coffee. I am a tea addict and this one is really tough for me.
  • Smoking: Smoking causes pigmentation of lips, remember nicotine stains!
  • Biting Lips: Avoid sucking, biting of lips that basically cause lips to become dry and chapped which results in pigmentation.
  • Vitamin B: Include Vitamin B in your diet. Deficiency of vitamin B is known to cause pigmentation.
  • Hormonal Changes: Hormonal changes are a big cause of pigmentation of lips and skin. See a Dermatologist if simple remedies don’t help.

Some home remedies to reduce pigmentation:

  • Apply honey or glycerin and lime juice overnight. Lime juice is natural bleach and honey moisturizes the lips.
  • Apply a mixture of castor oil and lime juice overnight. If you cannot bear the smell of castor oil overnight, keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it off.
  • Rose water and glycerin is a great combination to get natural pink lips.
  • Overnight application of beetroot juice also helps.
  • Diluted clove oil heals chapped lips and has pain numbing and antiseptic properties. Remember it has to be diluted otherwise it can sting. It gives a warm sensation when applied. Olive oil can be used to dilute clove oil.

Makeup tips to cover pigmentation

  • Layer the lipstick: Apply a coat of lipstick, then blot it with a blotting paper or tissue paper and then apply another coat of lipstick. This also helps making the lipstick last longer.
  • Use a Lip liner: This helps in covering the pigmentation on the rims of your lips. You can use a nude pencil rather than using a different one for each colored lipstick.
  • Nude lipstick Base Coat: Just as it says use a base coat of a nude lipstick and apply your lipstick on top.
  • Use Matt Lipsticks: Matt lipsticks are better in coverage rather than the sheer ones or glosses. If you like gloss, use opaque ones. Example:  NYX lip creams, Chambor lip glosses.
  • Use a concealer: My favorite method to hide pigmentation is to use a concealer first before applying lipstick or gloss. Concealers are drying in nature hence use a lip balm underneath. Mac has a special lip concealer for this purpose: Mac Lip Erase. It has concealer plus lip balm. Although I find it expensive and a regular concealer can get the job done.

I wanted to put some before after pictures but I am not feeling very brave right now!

Hope this post helps you.

3 thoughts on “Tips To Reduce Lip Pigmentation

  1. Chrissy Layton says:

    At least if you have pigmented lips then you’ll look beautiful even without lipstick! I have totally colorless lips. Without a gloss or a lipstick I look like a blank piece of paper!

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